Is Your College Student Protected By Health Insurance?

July 27th, 2007 by Brad C

Hard to believe it is time to go back to school already, but the aisles at Wal-Mart and Target are packed with students picking their school supplies.  Sure, your college student isn’t worried about buying crayons and erasers - their needs are much more sophisticated.  Now you have to worry about things like student health insurance!

Most health insurance policies will continue to cover your kids (no matter how old, they are always your kids, aren’t they?) up to the age of 25 as long as they are full-time students.  Check with your insurance agent to confirm this.

Many colleges require proof of health insurance as part of the registration process. It is also possible that the college medical center may not accept your insurance plan.

If your health insurance policy doesn’t cover family members over 18, or the college health service doesn’t participate in your medical plan, there are still several options available.  Fortunately many schools offer a student health insurance plan as well at rates that may be only slightly higher than your current policy.

Your son or daughter may be also be eligible for COBRA coverage under your policy.  Although it may be more expensive, it could also keep health coverage in place until you find a less costly insurance plan.

Since your college student is young, and probably quite healthy, next consider purchasing an individual health insurance plan in their name.  Their age and health will work in their favor for affordable medical coverage.  It is easy to shop around for this low-cost health insurance.

It is also a good idea to identify in-network health care providers in the town the college is located in, including at least one participating hospital.  There is no time during an emergency to stop and find that information.  Make sure your student has their own insurance card too before they leave.

Listen to Is Your College Student Protected By Health Insurance?
Listen to Is Your College Student Protected By Health Insurance?

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