Protect Your Eyes During the Summer

July 28th, 2007 by Brad C

This summer has been scorching, and it looks like it is not over yet.  Personally, I can’t go outside without sunglasses, and I’ve even treated myself to prescription ones.  I need to see for everything I do - writing, editing photos, surfing the web - so I was glad to find an article on WebMD talking about protecting eyesight during the summer.

The first thing they recommend is sun protection.  This is more than just sunglasses; it is wearing some type of a hat or visor too in order to preserve your eyes.  Choose ones that protect against both UVB and UVA rays - the tag should tell you if they do.  Studies have shown this can actually protect you against cataracts down the road.

Their next tip is eye protection while doing things like mowing, hammering nails, chopping wood.  Sunglasses aren’t enough; anyone nearby should wear goggles, including kids if they are watching or playing nearby.

If you play sports with any type of ball, check out the sporting good store for some mask or shield which can protect your eyes while participating.  Remember, the smaller the ball, the greater the chance of injury.

Avoid both man-made and natural chemicals.  This includes everything from pools with too much chlorine to poison ivy or oak.  Wash your hands, then wash your eyes immediately if you come into contact with anything.

Finally, just be aware of potential threats to your eyes.  Fireworks, toys that shoot something, bungee cords - there are dozens of different things.  I know you can’t walk around wearing goggles all the time, but you can at least be conscious of risks.

If you follow these suggestions, chances are you’ll never have to find out what your emergency room deductible is on your health insurance coverage over an eye injury.  Enjoy your summer!

Listen to Protect Your Eyes During the Summer
Listen to Protect Your Eyes During the Summer

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