Lessons From The Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

August 4th, 2007 by Jeannine C

The Twin Cities are still in shock over this week’s disastrous I-35W bridge collapse, as everyone across the country searches for a way to help.  Sadly, once the initial reaction wears off, the families of the injured and lost will have to deal with a new reality incorporating the human cost of the catastrophe.

Fortunately the insurance industry has promised to handle claims from the incident promptly.  “There will be no exclusions - it will all be coverable,” said Mark Kulda, a vice president for the Insurance Federation of Minnesota, according to the Insurance Journal.  Initially the claims will be against auto insurance, worker’s compensation, commercial property damage, and life insurance policies.

It made me think about whether I am prepared should something unexpectedly happen to me.  This is the true purpose of insurance - to be ready for anything.  Though we all hate to think about it, life is a fragile gift which can change at any moment.

In case of an accident, I’m covered by my employer’s health insurance policy, but I know many people that are self-employed and responsible for their own healthcare.  Fortunately, by spending a little time online, it is possible for these individuals to find affordable self-employed medical insurance for themselves and their families.  This week’s events proved just how important it is to be prepared at all times for medical emergencies.

Man or woman, young or old, if others depend on you for financial or emotional support then you should consider some type of life insurance policy in case something should happen.  Thanks to the relatively low cost of term life insurance, there are policies for almost any budget, which will financially help your family through the difficult transition

Listen to Lessons From The Minneapolis Bridge Collapse
Listen to Lessons From The Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

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