Outdoor Fun Comes at a Price in Nevada

November 21st, 2008 by Brad C

With Nevada’s hot climate, swimming pools are extremely popular in the state.  Swimming Pools Are An Extra Risk When Considering Nevada Home InsuranceWhat a great way to cool off.  Many families have swing sets and trampolines as well, to keep the kids occupied.  Having all  this outdoor equipment is great fun, but it does pose an added risk that someone can get hurt, which means that homeowners need to make sure that their Nevada home insurance policies provide full coverage against the extra risk.

The best way to make sure nothing happens is to put safety first. 

Swimming pools:

  • Surround the pool with some type of barrier, like a fence or a wall.
  • Place a cover over the pool when not in use.
    Install a loud door alarm that will signal when someone goes into the backyard, so children don’t accidentally go outside.
  • Remove the ladder or steps to an above ground pool when not in use
    Never let anyone swim alone.
  • Make sure all adults know CPR and keep a list of emergency numbers poolside.


  • Use a safety net to prevent injuries from falls
  • Pad the springs, hooks and frames with a soft material so no one can land on metal or sharp edges
  • Pick a safe, flat location for the trampoline, away from trees, power lines and concrete.
  • Allow only one person to jump at a time to avoid collisions.
  • Make sure that an adult always supervises the activity.  While older children may know what not to do, they are also more likely to take new risks, like flips or other stunts.

Lowering Home Insurance Premiums

Although insurance companies will charge higher premiums for having pools or trampolines, many will also offer suggestions on ways to make that equipment more secure, which in turn reduces the rates.  Let the insurance agent know the measures already taken to reduce risk, and make sure to ask for suggestions on other things which can make a difference.

Finally, make sure that the medical liability portion of your home insurance policy has sufficient coverage for adequate treatment or even hospitalization.  This poses the greatest risk to homeowners since most policies offer only $1000 coverage in this area.

By taking these measures now, you’ll be ready to enjoy your back yard in the spring.   So plan ahead, make any necessary changes, and whether you live in Nevada or another warm state, the days will be warm again before you know it.

Listen to Outdoor Fun Comes at a Price in Nevada
Listen to Outdoor Fun Comes at a Price in Nevada

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