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Pennsylvania Home Insurance

In a state as big as Pennsylvania, home owners living in different regions require different things from their home insurance policies. That is why it is important to learn the basics of Pennsylvania Home Insurance, then getting several quotes from reputable insurance companies to find the best deal that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

What is Covered by Pennsylvania Home Insurance

Shop For Pennsylvania Home InsuranceMost policies cover the same basic areas, and have formulas which determine percentages for each type of coverage.

  • Dwelling Protection – Covering the cost to repair or replace the home, up to the limit of the policy.
  • Personal Property – Repairs or replaces the home’s contents, like furniture, appliances, and clothing; normally up to 50% of the dwelling protection amount.
  • Additional Living Expense – Provides money to pay for the cost of living somewhere else while the home is being repaired following a covered incident.
  • Personal Liability – Pays the cost of legal defense due to negligence resulting in bodily injury or property damage.
  • Medical Coverage – pays the medical costs for someone injured on the property or by one of the property’s residents, normally limited to $1000.
  • Additional Structures – normally structures like detached garages or sheds are covered, limited to 10% of the dwelling protection amount.

Though home insurance is not required by law, virtually all mortgage companies require the purchase of a policy. If home insurance is purchased, make sure to buy coverage of at least 80% of the value of the home; getting less could mean that benefits are reduced proportionately if an incident occurs.

Another major decision when buying a policy in Pennsylvania is the type of replacement coverage. Replacement coverage provides the cost to replace the item at its current replacement cost. Actual Cash Value coverage deducts depreciation from the replacement cost before issuing a payment. Though replacement coverage is slightly more expensive, it can make a huge difference in the out-of-pocket amount required if something major happens.

Shopping Tips for Pennsylvania Home Insurance

Here are some areas to consider that will ensure the final policy has all the coverage needed to protect all that’s at stake:

  • Personal Property Endorsement – every insurance policy includes a limit on both the total coverage available and on certain types of personal property. Purchase extra coverage for things like expensive computers, antiques, coin collections, etc.
  • Inflation Guard Endorsement – homes can appreciate significantly over time, and frequently home insurance policies don’t keep up with the proper replacement cost amount. This endorsement will automatically adjust the policy value and premium to guarantee sufficient coverage at all times.
  • Snow, Ice, & Sleet Coverage – many policies don’t cover damage resulting from the weight of snow, ice or sleet, such as the collapse of the building. Homeowners in areas known for significant snowfall should consider purchasing additional coverage to protect against this occurrence.
  • Broken Pipes – usually damage from broken pipes, especially things like sewers which are outside the home, is not covered. Extra coverage is available.

Factors Affecting Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance

Insurance companies determine the premium amounts based on a variety of factors. Some are controllable, others are not, but by knowing what is being considered, consumers can greatly affect they rates they pay.

The type of construction and age of the home are very important in calculating rates. Brick homes are less expensive to insure than frame homes because they can withstand more risks and thus will experience less damage during an incident. Newer homes have brand new heating, plumbing and electrical systems which are less likely to break. Always let the insurance company know if a remodeling project involves replacing any of these systems, since rates will go down!

Other factors include:

  • Deductibles – increasing the deductible on the policy, even from just $250 to $500, can make a significant difference in the premium cost
  • Security Devices – insurance companies will offer discounts on home with safety devices such as deadbolt locks, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers
  • Fire Protection – the quality and distance from the nearest fire department is critical; even having a fire hydrant in the front yard will lower rates

The Best Way to Save Money on Pennsylvania Home Insurance

Each insurance company bases rates on their past experience n the area, so a company which has had a good experience will offer lower rates than a company which has had a number of claims filed in the same neighborhood. But the only way to find out is by getting several free quotes and comparing prices. Luckily it’s easy to get those quotes – just click the “Get Quotes” box below to instantly see a list of great companies offering home insurance in Pennsylvania. Get free quotes from at least four, pick the best rate, and begin saving money on home insurance today. Don’t wait – Start Now!


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