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North Carolina Home Insurance

Living in the Tar Heel state is a wonderful thing, but it does mean that some things like home insurance can be more expensive. That’s why is goingShop For North Carolina Home Insurance to show you the best way to shop for North Carolina home insurance, including types of coverage, what affects premiums and what makes North Carolina unique. Finally you’ll enter your zip code in the box below to find the top North Carolina home insurance companies for competitive quotes so you can get the best coverage at the best rate possible.

What is Covered by North Carolina Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance in North Carolina is a multi-peril policy, which means it combines coverage for both property and casualty in one policy. Basically there are up to six parts to each home insurance policy:

  • Dwelling and attached structures. Must be at least 80% of the replacement cost value.
  • Other Structures, like detached garages and tool sheds; usually 10% of dwelling amount.
  • Personal property, includes contents and personal belongings; usually 50% of the dwelling amount. There are limits on certain types of property, like jewelry and computers.
  • Loss of Use, provides funds to pay expenses when you can’t live in your home during covered repairs; usually 20% of dwelling amount.
  • Personal liability pays expenses if you or a family member is legally responsible for injury to others or property belonging to others, including legal expenses. Usually limited to $100,000.
  • Medical payments pays medical bills if someone is injured on your property or by someone living in your home, usually limited to $1,000.

Types of North Carolina Home Insurance Policies

There are several choices of home insurance policies available to North Carolina homeowners. Choosing a policy with full coverage will cost more than selecting a policy with a lower level of coverage. Only you can decide what level of coverage is sufficient to meet your needs and fit your budget.

  • Homeowners Broad Form covers homes against specific perils, or events that cause damage to property. This coverage protects against things like fire, theft, vandalism, windstorm, explosions, etc.
  • Homeowners Special Form offers coverage against anything except whatever is specifically excluded by name in the policy. The coverage is much more extensive, which is great, but the price is definitely higher.
  • Homeowners Comprehensive Form was designed for single family dwelling or townhouse. It has an open perils basis.
  • Homeowners Unit-Owners Form is appropriate for condos and personal property in condos.
  • Homeowners Modified Coverage Form protects older homes where the actual cash value (the replacement cost less depreciation) would cost more to replace the home than the market value.

Factors Affecting North Carolina Home Insurance Premiums

Several factors are involved in determining what the price will be of each home insurance policy in North Carolina. Knowing what those factors are can help you save money on your policy.

  • Type of construction – brick homes are less expensive to insure than frame homes because brick is more resistant to many types of perils.
  • Age of the dwelling – newer homes are less expensive to insure because all of the systems, like electrical, plumbing, and heating, are new and up to code.
  • Location – if you live in a high crime area, or an area prone to natural occurances like windstorms or earthquakes, your rates will be higher. For example home insurance is more expensive in Wilmington and Fayetteville than in Asheville or Greensboro.
  • Fire protection – how far do you live from a fire station? Is a fire hydrant near your home? How good is your fire department? All these items are factors in your rates.
  • Past history – insurance companies can see what your claim history was at other times when you were covered by home insurance. If you have a history of filing lots of claims, your rates will be higher because the new company expects you to do the same thing.

For plenty of ideas on how to save money on home insurance, visit Home Insurance Shopping Tips.

Special Factors in North Carolina Home insurance

Though North Carolina is a beautiful place to live, its terrain presents several problems for home insurance companies that affects the coverage offered to homeowners.

For example, because of high risk, coverage against windstorm or hail damage may be excluded for homes along the coast. Some homes run the risk of mine subsidence because of mines that exist in the earth beneath them.

Normal homeowners insurance policies do not include coverage for things like water backup or sump overflow, but this coverage can be added to your policy for an additional cost.

Flood insurance is only available through the National Flood Insurance Program, which is a federal program. Visit for specific information based on your home’s location.

The Best Way to Save on North Carolina Home Insurance

Like most things in life, the best way to keep the cost of your home insurance policy under control is to comparison shop. Insurance companies base premiums on their past experience in your specific neighborhood, so companies with good experiences have low rates, and others with bad experiences have high rates.

The only way to know for sure is to request free quotes from several companies. Fortunately finding great North Carolina home insurance companies is easy. Just enter your zip code in the box below and you’ll be instantly matched with several top companies offering coverage in your area. Choose at least four and request a free quote. Before you know it, you’ll have a great home insurance policy at a price that still leaves some money in your wallet. Don’t wait another minute – enter your zip code now!


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