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Nevada Auto Insurance

Whether you live in Las Vegas, Carson City, or Humboldt, if you are a registered car owner in Nevada, you must carry a Nevada auto insurance policy before you can operate the vehicle.  But there’s no reason to pay too much for that coverage.  At, we believe it’s your money, and you should get the best available coverage at the lowest cost possible.  With a little time spent learning about auto insurance in Nevada and ways to save money on car insurance policies, you can enjoy the coverage you need at a price that fits your budget.

Minimum Nevada Auto Insurance Requirements

There are two options for minimum auto insurance in Nevada, either split limit coverage or combined single limit coverage.  Minimum split limit coverage for Silver state residents is 15/30/10, which means:

  • $15,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $30,000 per accident for bodily injury
  • $10,000 per accident for property damage

The combined single limit minimum coverage is $40,000, which means that in case of an accident, that amount is available to pay for any amount of bodily injury or property damage claims until the level has been exhausted.

The most popular coverage limits are actually 100/300/50, which provides sufficient funds to pay for most medical bills and property damage following an accident.  Sufficient coverage is critical, since Nevada is a tort state, which means whoever is responsible for the accident is responsible for all the bills that result.  If you have too little coverage, you put your home, vehicles, savings and retirement funds at risk.

Optional Auto Insurance Coverage in Nevada

Several other types of auto insurance coverage is available for Nevada drivers; though you are not required to purchase it, carrying this additional coverage is frequently a good idea to fully protect your family.

The two most common types of additional coverage are collision insurance to repair your vehicle after an accident, and comprehensive insurance that repairs damage after things like theft, storm damage, etc.  If you have a car loan or your vehicle is leased, the lender will require you to carry both comprehensive and collision insurance to protect their investment.

Other types of optional insurance include:

Uninsured/underinsured coverage – in case there’s an accident involving a driver who has no insurance or too little insurance to cover the resulting medical bills or property damage.
Medical coverage – pays for medical bills following an accident, ensuring you’ll receive proper medical care.
Rental reimbursement – provides a rental car while your car is being repaired following an accident.
Rental coverage – repairs vehicles you have rented
Towing & labor coverage – reimburses charges covering towing fees to get your car to a repair shop after an accident or mechanical breakdown.

Factors Affecting Nevada Auto Insurance Rates

Car insurance companies use a variety of factors to classify applicants into a group based on characteristics such as marital status, employment history, average daily driving distance.  While you can’t change some of these factors, such as age or gender, many are under your control.

  • Driving record – good drivers pay less for auto insurance.  Insurance providers check for accidents and tickets within the past three to five years to determine the likelihood that you will similar problems in the future.
  • Claims history – When you apply for insurance, companies will check your Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) report, which contains your loss history for the past five year.  This includes any claims against insurance policies, not just car accidents.
  • Vehicle make and model – Is your automobile popular with car thieves or expensive to repair?  That will make it more expensive to insure. 
  • Safety devices – Anti-lock brakes, side air bags, and electronic stability control systems, which can prevent accidents and reduce risk of personal injury, will all reduce Nevada auto insurance rates.

Ways to Save Money on Nevada Car Insurance

There are several ways to reduce the cost of car insurance in Nevada.

  • Compare Rates – the top way to lower car insurance premiums is by shopping around between multiple providers.  Since rates are based on each car insurance company’s experience with similar drivers living in the same geographic area, their rates for the same coverage can vary widely.  Make sure when comparing quotes that the coverage is identical, including the same liability limits and deductible amounts.  Just by entering your zip code in the box below, you can quickly find out which companies are offering auto insurance in your area; request quotes from at least three to five insurance providers to make sure that you have enough choices to compare.
  • Take Advantage of Discounts – Insurance companies offer discounts for things like combining auto and home insurance with the same provider or insuring more than one vehicle on a policy.  Explore all of these discounts when shopping for the best car insurance rates.
  • Specific Driver Discounts – While drivers under 25 traditional have higher insurance rates, good students with a “B” average or better will pay less.  Senior drivers can obtain a three-year discount by completing an approved driver’s refresher course, available through AARP. 

For more ways to save money on auto insurance check out our Auto Insurance Shopping Tips guide.

Time to Lower Nevada Auto Insurance Rates

Now that you know what amounts of insurance you must carry and other types of coverage also available to you, it’s time to shop for the best rates.  Start by entering your zip code in the box below; you’ll instantly be matched with Nevada car insurance companies accepting new applications in your area.  Request free quotes from at least three of the providers shown then choose the one which offers the best deal.  Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the savings, knowing that you and your family are protected with the auto insurance coverage you need.  Start saving now!


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