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Health Insurance

Finding Affordable Health Insurance

When you have your health, you have everything. That’s why it’s so important to protect your health and the health of your family. Health insurance will help you keep your family safe. And it’s more affordable than you think!

What type of health insurance do you need?

There are actually several different types of health insurance policies, with a broad range of coverage and premiums. 

Major Medical – For the lowest cost in medical insurance, consider a major medical policy. This covers only major health crisis, such as surgery, which exceeds a high deductible. You will still be responsible for routine doctor visits, prescriptions, and tests, but the savings are significant.
HMO – Health Maintenance Organizations offer the lowest rates, but the choices of physicians and facilities are limited to those within the organization. Using a physician or facility outside of the plan may be only partially covered, or not covered at all.
PPO – Preferred Provider Organizations give the widest choices in doctors and facilities. Though premiums may be higher, the excellent coverage choices may make this policy worth the extra cost.
HSA – Health Savings Accounts combine a high deductible health insurance plan with a tax-favored savings account. You can deposit up to 100% of the plan’s deductible amount and get a federal income tax deduction for it as well. The money is yours to spend on any qualified medical expense, including those that wouldn’t normally be covered by a health insurance policy.

Tips to Save on Health Insurance

  • Higher co-pay – by paying just a little more each time you visit the doctor, you can either save on your premiums, or receive more coverage for the same cost.
  • Higher deductible – raising the level of the annual amount you pay can save a great deal on premium costs. Compare the cost of a $2000 deductible with a $5000 deductible while shopping insurance, and see the difference this can make.
  • Bells and whistles will cost you more - Maternity coverage or extensive prescription features can be included in many plans. Ask your insurance agent if these can be removed to lower the cost.
  • Use a discount plan for dental insurance, instead of including it in your health plan. Most discount plans will tell you in advance which dentists participate and an estimate of what each service will cost. Many become active almost immediately.
  • Take care of your health now – if you have pre-existing conditions when you apply for health insurance, your rates may be higher, or those conditions may not be covered.
  • Don’t smoke or chew tobacco – this pushes your rates into a different, more expensive category

More ways to save on health insurance are available in Insurance Shopping Tips.

It Pays to Shop Around

To find the most affordable health insurance policy, spend a little time comparing rates and coverage from different insurance companies. Thanks to the internet, this will be easier than you think. Just enter your zip code below, and you will receive a list of health insurance companies offering coverage in your area.

Take the first step towards protecting your health now, so you and your family can enjoy a brighter tomorrow.


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