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California Health Insurance

People with health insurance are healthier than those without, primarily because they have access to preventative care.  We want to help you stay in that group, by helping you find affordable California health insurance with free quotes from top rated companies. 

What You Need to Know About California Health Insurance

Health insurance premiums continue to rise in California to offset the ever increasing cost of medical care.  An estimated 20% of California’s population is not covered.  That’s why it’s important to know the types of insurance available in the state.

Both individual and group policies are available in California.

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) – strictly require you to receive care only from healthcare providers in their system unless it’s an emergency.  Normally you’ll choose a primary care physician who will coordinate your care with any needed specialists.  Usually there is no provision for seeing medical staff outside the HMO.

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) – these policies give you a list of approved physicians and other medical personnel that you may choose from.  If you do choose see someone not on that list, a limited amount of coverage is available, but it is definitely less than what would be covered within the approved list.  In California, PPO’s are regulated by either the California Department of Insurance or the Department of Managed Health Care depending on whether the contract or policy was issued by a licensed insurance company or a managed care company.

Indemnity policies, or traditional fee-for-service plans, give you the choice of receiving care from any provider.  Usually there is a deductible you must meet or a co-pay for visits.

Self Insured Health Plans pool money from premiums to pay for health care.  Usually these types of plans are used by large employers or groups, such as labor unions and school districts.

Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) create trust funds to cover the cost of healthcare for employees, these are most often available through professional, trade or industry associations.

Other Facts to Know About California Health Insurance

There are specific laws governing pre-existing conditions.  The most important factor is whether or not you’ve been previously insured and if there’s been a break in coverage.  If the break is less than 62 days, your new policy must apply your prior coverage towards any waiting period – usually one year for individual policies or limited to six months for a group health policy of three or more people.

Before Your Purchase California Health Insurance

  • Ask the insurance company or agent to fully answer any questions you may have about coverage, inclusions, and exclusions.
  • Determine which types of coverage you and your family need, and what isn’t needed, so that you don’t pay for unnecessary items such as maternity benefits, mental health care, or extensive prescription coverage if you won’t be using it.
  • If you are considering a managed-care plan, make sure that your choice of providers, such as doctors, hospitals, medical labs, etc, are included within the program.
  • See our Insurance Shopping Tips for many ways to save money on health insurance.

Time to Get Started

Now that you know how health insurance in California works, it is time to start shopping for the protection you and your family need.  It’s so easy to do online – just enter your zip code and we’ll instantly provide a list of California health insurance companies in your area.  Pick three or four that best match your needs and get a free quote quickly.  Start now!


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